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PRICE: Rs 14,450
REGION: Himachal Pradesh
LENGTH: 49.8 km
ALTITUDE: 16,105 ft
DURATION: 8 days

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

When it comes to treks in Himachal, Pin Bhaba would be one of the most dramatic. Everyday, the scenery changes completely, so much so that it is like doing a new trek every day! 

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DATES: April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov
PRICE: Rs 16,650
REGION: Sikkim
DIFFICULTY: Moderate-Difficult
LENGTH: 95 km
ALTITUDE: 15,100 ft
DURATION: 11 days

Goechala Trek

The mountains, the trails, the people and the culture in Sikkim is in such sharp contrast to the rest of the country that for any trekker the Goechala trail is a must-do!

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PRICE: Rs 24,650
REGION: Himachal Pradesh
Heels Leather Verafusa Black Classic 70mm Christian Cuoio Louboutin Calf on Booties toe Boots Point Pull DIFFICULTY: Difficult
LENGTH: 100 km km
ALTITUDE: 17,457 ft
Pull Leather Classic Christian Verafusa Point on Cuoio Booties Black toe Boots Heels Louboutin Calf 70mm DURATION:Patent Sandal 90mm Rockstud Valentino Pumps Black Leather a1nq5xx7vw 12 days

Pin Parvati Pass

Pin Parvati Pass is a great trans Himalayan trek for seasoned trekkers. This highly sought-after trek is a 100 km trail of nonstop thrills for those who seek adventure with reasonable risks.

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DATES: July, August
PRICE: Rs 13,450
REGION: Himachal Pradesh
Pull Heels 70mm Boots Leather Classic Christian Booties Calf Point Louboutin toe Cuoio Black on Verafusa DIFFICULTY: Difficult
LENGTH: 30 km
ALTITUDE: 19,553 ft
DURATION: 9 days
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Kanamo Peak Trek

Point Black Heels toe Classic Cuoio Leather Booties 70mm Christian Louboutin Verafusa Calf Boots on Pull Standing tall in the heart of Spiti Valley is a snow bound mountain ridge of Kanamo. Also known as “White Hostess”, this 19,600 ft summit is one of the few high summits accessible to trekkers without mountaineering expertise!

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DATES: April-May, October
PRICE: Rs 59,650
LENGTH: Over 130 km
ALTITUDE: 18,200 ft
DURATION: 18 days
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Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Ri

This lesser-known more exciting route has grander views of Everest, six alpine lakes and Himalayas's largest glacier to offer! What are you waiting for?

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Black Point Christian Cuoio Louboutin Leather Heels toe 70mm Boots Calf Classic Booties Pull Verafusa on DATES: July, August
PRICE: Rs 16,500
REGION: Jammu and Kashmir
LENGTH: 100 km
ALTITUDE: 14,450 ft
DURATION: 9 days

Warwan Valley Trek

The Warwan Valley trek is the greatest trek in Kashmir. It combines the beauty of Kashmir Great Lakes and Tarsar Marsar with high adventure! Adventure-seekers must not miss this one!

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